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August, the month of seasons ending, seasons beginning and a couple of annual favourites!

August saw Melbourne Storm taking charge of the NRL season, claiming the minor premiership and going into September as firm favourites off that back of some very solid wins.

Future NFL stars landed in Sydney in late August for the College Football Sydney Cup presented by TLA Worldwide and TEG Live. RICE and Stanford University took to the field in a show which included a one-hundred-piece marching band, and an equally large cheer squad, a canon thundering through the stadium, giant inflatable entrances and a crowd favourite, t-shirt canon, to set the American atmosphere alight.

The pre-game show included a one-hundred-piece marching band, and a spine tingling rendition of the US national anthem. Afterwhich, the teams took to the field for an afternoon of football fighting it out for the College Football Sydney Cup.

With Stanford having an impressive reputation on the football field, they took an early and dominating lead. Half time came, with RICE given the opportunity to regroup for a huge second half. The half-time entertainment saw our cheer team bring an exciting routine to the field of Allianz Stadium, along with some key wrap ups of the first half and some fun and engaging sponsor activations giving fans the chance to win a trip to the US.

Whilst RICE hit the scoreboard in the second half ultimately Stanford proved to be way too strong and claimed the College Football Sydney Cup with a final score of 62-7.

We continued our work on the international stage in the form of Quad Series Netball in Brisbane and Canberra with teams from Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa fighting it out for the Quad Series. Starting in Brisbane, the Australian Diamonds had a close call with England, but proved determined and resilient to come out with a 54 to 50 win over the visitors. Brisbane gave fans were treated to a double header in which the Australian Diamonds v England was followed up by New Zealand vs South Africa, both Trans-Tasman teams ultimately victorious.

Four days later the Australian girls fought for a close win over South Africa in the nations capital with a final score of 58 to 52.

The Final leg of the Quad Series was held in New Zealand, the Australian Diamonds finished the Quad Series as Runners Up, with some very positive results moving into their preparation for the upcoming Constellation Cup.

August not only brought our home-grown talent and international visitors success, but also saw Max Events take it to a new level on the delivery of international events in Australia.