MAX EVENTS | CASE STUDY: Ice Hockey Tour – USA v Canada – Event Production
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CASE STUDY: Ice Hockey Tour – USA v Canada – Event Production

Max Events has been contracted by TEG Live in conjunction with TLA Worldwide to manage Event Production for the Ice Hockey Classic Tour between Canada and USA for the past 3 years. This annual event showcases the ongoing rivalry between Canada and USA to raise money for the charities Stop Concussions and Brain Injury Australia.


As part of this contract Max Events is significantly focussed on providing fans with the ultimate Ice Hockey experience which requires an extensive level of pre planning around back end production management. Max Events works closely with all suppliers, venues and TEG Live to ensure the technical elements of the event are managed in the most effective way to ensure the sports presentation and entertainment elements are achieved.

Nature of the Tasks Undertaken


• Sourcing and delivering all technical aspects of the event including lighting, audio, communication and vision requirements

• Managing the bump in/out schedule for all technical aspects across 4-5 different venues in different states

• Ensuring the bump in/out of all technical requirements is undertaken in conjunction with the construction/deconstruction of the Ice Rink

• Manage all OH&S documentation between suppliers and venues

• Coordinate all rigging requirements with the venues for lighting, audio and vision elements

• Develop and execute creative aspects that will showcase the rivalry between Canada and USA

• Creation of still graphics and full screen boards

• Creation of animated graphics

• Coordination and collation of pre event filming with players for video content

• Provision of expert crew including lighting directors, audio operators, vision operators and show callers

• Coordinate the delivery of scoring and replay systems specific to Ice Hockey

• Source, create and execute fan interaction elements that provide patrons with an Ice Hockey experience

• Create and execute a show that is entertaining and engaging through the programming of lighting, audio and vision

• Develop production cue sheets specific to each event and venue